That is not the first time I’ve asked that question. Critical elements are missing. There are articles in other countries where they call upon national intellectual-capacity guidelines. Thank you very much for those very thoughtful member statements today. They are systemic and that’s why we are moving forward to transform this system so it better serves every single student in it. Three years later, there were over children registered. First was by updating the definition of capacity.

Allen, and other local schools. This bill was proceeding through the Private and Local Bills process but because of public advertising requirements it didn’t make the initial meeting of the Private and Local Bills Committee this week. She has a tumour in her chest and has been told she needs an MRI. Speaker, as I’ve said, it’s embedded in their funding and it is continuous. Jeanette Moore lives in my constituency of Dartmouth North. People who make decisions for another adult must do so in the least restrictive and least intrusive way possible. Again, the action is taking place.

The honourable member for Dartmouth South.

The hard work of this bindinng has paid off over the years. We have brought forward modernized legislation that addresses the concerns raised by the courts and represents significant progress in promoting the rights of people with diminished capacity.

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The honourable member for Fairview-Clayton Park. Speaker, I thank the member for bringing this question to the floor of the House. In her letter to me, she said the loans seemed reasonable as she was set to start a career in the then-booming film industry.


We’re looking forward to continuing to lead this country in a positive way as we have been doing for the last decade. I rise today with a heavy heart to share the sad news of the passing of a lovely, generous man.

We will continue to work with all of the organizations across this province, so that we can build access to primary health care and ensure that we continue to provide the top-quality, long-term care that this province is known for. The honourable member for Colchester North on an introduction. That is little comfort.


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So, Jim was in the city at one o’clock, to be here at one o’clock. Would the minister be in favour of the federal government making hospice palliative care a medical service covered under the Canada Health Act? Keegan is a year-old student at the Nova Scotia Community College taking graphic design. It’s been almost four months now since Nova Scotians got a new Minister of Health and Wellness, and they expect action.

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Disssertation my view, an opportunity has been missed here. Rowan Hart, a lifeguard who served at the Port Hood beach this summer to rise, and I would like members to extend a welcome to them. The honourable member for Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage.

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The mid-amateur tournament was held at The Links at Penn Hills in Shubenacadie, where Chow posted a score of 11 under, breaking the previous record by six strokes.

It is for individuals to get their first degree and get their career started. Dissertatipn have responded by setting up an agreement with Nova Scotia Legal Aid to provide legal support to adults who are affected by this legislation.

Hugh also helps educate his class with the help of his mom about autism and living with autism.

Speaker, I request waiver of notice and passage without debate. Every bit as disturbing is the allegation also made today by Gary MacLeod, chair of Advocates for the Care of the Elderly, that understaffing is the thing that has led to a great deal of this neglect.

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Speaker, I thank the honourable member for that advice and I will pass that on. So indeed, I think this is an issue that has been brought forward that is on the radars of many, and we’re committed to working together to try to both manage the safety wl the environment but also the needs of our physicians.


As the honourable member would know, we’re on pace now to be 50 per cent below levels by Disserration am pleased to let the member know that at the same time, on Monday of this week, there’s a new physician starting in the metro area as well, and she’ll be taking new names as patients on her roster as well.

That woman was me, hard at work as a Page in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, preparing for the first day of the session. Speaker, a question for the Minister of Health and Wellness.

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Graham Mann co-founded Lean Systems, a cloud-based optimization engine built on the most powerful techniques available for solving large-scale optimization problems with multiple constraints. Again, there was some work in this regard, but it’s important to recognize that the bar for improvement was dissertaton. The honourable member for Sackville-Beaver Bank. We appreciate the steps taken to collect the millions owed to children; we continue to be concerned that these efforts will have no benefit for children whose parents receive income assistance.

Sadly, on this day, it seems that they will be denied. That has improved every single year since we’ve been in.