If your reason is unsatisfactory, then it is said that the mark will be penalized as summer school is looked down upon. If you know how to write a coherent essay, you’ll be more than capable of writing an adequate AIF. The AIF consists of short answer questions such as. Finally, you can list up to two alternate Engineering programs. Responsibility and commitment over time are factors.

We prefer that you not repeat courses, but we consider reasons why it was necessary to repeat a course, paying particular attention to exceptional or extenuating circumstances. The best approach here is to ignore advice on “college admission essay” websites and instead focus on telling your real and personal story about your connection to the profession, your ambitions, and your understanding of the profession. OMG I can’t bear the level of stupidity on this thread. This example just shows how important the AIF can be. What should I do to get admission in University of Waterloo Canada? What I mean by this is make sure your responses are well-written and grammatically correct.

According to Chances foryou have a decent chance, but who knows which way this year will go? What to Focus On The University of Waterloo clearly outlines some key things to focus on, all of which are soft skills.

In addition, you list your extracurricular activities with an optional section sesay further explain what you didemployment and volunteer history, and past accomplishments. Remember who the reader is.


Admission Information Form (AIF)

Secondly, think of what an engineer does and what you yourself enjoy doing. The AIF consists of short answer questions such as. Please enter your email address. OK Now I understand.

By now, you guys are probably convinced that the AIF is crucial for a successful application. Esssay AIF allows you to explain why you took a course in summer school and what that course was. Why you should be in the program instead of all the other applicants.

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waterloo aif essay

Firstly, think of what your goal is as an engineer. OMG I can’t bear the level of stupidity on this thread. Second, you have to prove to them that you would be prepared for co-op job applications. The Faculty of Mathematics looks mainly at 4 categories of information. While I would assume this allows them to check whether the watefloo is true, I think it would cause the student to think twice about exaggerating their involvement to make their AIF look better.

I am an international akf by the way, and I appreciate the discussion with you. Answered Nov 22, I think you should say it.

waterloo aif essay

Once again, please note that nearly all of this info was not officially presented by the University of Waterloo but information gathered by ourselves waterlol other Waterloo engineering students.


You have up to 1, characters across 2 sections to make your case.

Admission Information Form (AIF) | Undergraduate Programs | University of Waterloo

Submissions will not be reviewed after the deadline. Tell us what you’ve learned through any volunteer experiences. When we make our admissions decisions, we look at other factors in addition to grades. Don’t have account, Sign Up Here. If your reason is sufficient, then from what I have heard, they will not penalize that mark. Below are some websites that may be useful http: Share about something you built.

Can someone please check over some of my answers for Waterloo AIF??? – uThink

In many cases, an activity that you carried on for a longer period waterloo be looked at differently from something that watedloo just a couple of weeks long.

This is your opportunity to make a sincere personal statement about why you wish to become a pharmacist and to prove that you know what you’re getting into as a practicing pharmacist. This example just shows how important the AIF can be. Ask your peers, family, and teachers to read over your application. Write the math contests and do well.