The Role of the Mass Media. Usually, juveniles and their attorneys fight to keep a case in juvenile court. For this purpose, Section 4 of Presidential Decree No. These shall include curfew violations; truancy, parental disobedience and the like. Kinds of Diversion Programs. In cases where children in conflict with the law are taken into custody or detained in rehabilitation centers, they should be provided the opportunity to continue learning under an alternative learning system with basic literacy program or non- formal education accreditation equivalency system.

It should always be in youth detention homes. A quarterly report shall be submitted by the center to the proper court on the progress of the children in conflict with the law. Child” refers to a person under the age of eighteen 18 years. The instrument was validated by the Chief of objectives on items as to eradicate the number of Police of Batangas City, a Judge of Family Court, the youthful offenders detained at various detention cell Coordinator of City Social Welfare and Development WM 3. The police are mandated by law the problems facing dysfunctional families and children to assure the security and safety of the child against the to the juvenile court. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

There are reparation, if appropriate. Several provincial officials weighed in, one of them saying that teenagers are already capable of committing crimes and should be punished. Furthermore the problem of AIDS will increase. All city and provincial governments must exert effort for the immediate establishment of local detention homes for children in conflict with the law.

Esay are the different classifications and reasons for these delinquent behaviors?

RA 9344 only provides different process for child offenders

In case a child is in custody of a government agency that handles their cases, the child will be provided with the opportunity to study in an environment similar to a school. Analysis of Variance about the status of implementation of RA ; part ANOVA with Hoc Analysis Scheffe Method as two includes the problems encountered by the three utilized to determine the significant difference on the groups of respondents and part three includes the perception as to the potential impact of exempting the implication of the implementation of RA Most street children have become juvenile delinquents either out of necessity because they are poor or through force because of the syndicates.


Child in Conflict with the Law” refers to a child who is alleged as, accused of, or adjudged as, having committed an offense under Philippine laws. These programs shall consist of three levels: This is because the law is very lenient to delinquent group.

More than half of them or 7, were at the Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, which is the most crowded. Lack of cooperation of the child in conflict with the law. Children Below the Age of Criminal Responsibility.

ra 9344 essay

Who are considered as delinquents and why are they considered as such? Comparably, teaching kids about not handling something that is dangerous or getting them to understand rx consequences of their actions is the job of the parents.

The taking of the statement of the child shall be conducted in the presence of the following: In addition, it is the responsibility of society to treat all offenders equally without exemption. Society already pampers its members with irresponsibility, and it’s time to start fixing the no consequence state.

Various sectors gather to promote Juvenile Justice Welfare Act

Status Offenses” refers to offenses which discriminate only against a child, while an adult does not suffer any penalty for committing acts. It should always be in youth detention homes. It viewed the minor as a victim not as an aggressor. Liberal Construction of this Act.

Simple lang ang buhay, ‘wag gawing kumplikado.: Reaction Paper daw!

Rights of the Child in Conflict with the Law. Senator Francis Escudero, extra careful in implementing RA which they Chairman of the Committee on Justice and Human consider as having loopholes. RA leads to the conclusion that it is considerable compliant with the CRC if implemented correctly. Ea developmental immaturity of juveniles mitigates their criminal culpability.


Respect to Monitoring and Evaluation as Perceived Reparation of injury to the victim and the determination by the Three 934 of Respondents of severity of the act lie on the findings of CSWD or by The following items were strongly agree that these the court for under RAretroactive application of are all implemented with composite mean of 3.

There should also be complete parents who have problems in their children and may meals, basic needs and facilities to be availed of by strengthen their supervision. A crime is a crime no matter what the age the criminal is.

Most juvenile delinquents were not segregated from the hardened adult criminals in the biggest jails in easay Philippines, such as in the Muntinlupa jail outside Manila, so that essat their release they went back in the street with more knowledge of crime.

ra 9344 essay

These programs shall consist of three levels:. Whether handcuffs or other instruments of restraint were used, and if so, the reason for such; 2. The ongoing process of urbanization in developing countries is contributing to juvenile involvement in criminal behavior. As to the offense cases of CICL who were 15 years or younger at respondents CSWD, they are certain that they adhere to time of commission of the crime will be dismissed and the security and safety of children in essxy with the CICL will be released and referred to social worker.