We carried the bibliometric analysis of endocrinology related articles from JAPI. Testing includes 30 hot-firings. Research for the Classroom: Characterisation of lower respiratory tract inflammation and its relationship with changes in pulmonary patho-physiology and thoracic imaging in bronchial asthma. The overall infection rate in case and control group was 2. The similarity of results obtained in the United States, this study, and a related study conducted in Germany suggest that adoption of these practices is an international phenomenon and is likely due to systemic features of the international research and publication processes. Data for patients diagnosed with any form of gastrointestinal GI cancers was extracted from records maintained in the outpatient department registers of the Oncology Department of Government Medical College and Hospital in Chandigarh from to

The importance of the double-blind randomised controlled trial is emphasised, alongside the importance of longitudinal surveys, as opposed to cross-sectional surveys. Abdominal Solid Organ Transplantation. The research notes need ideas for research. The uncertainties in the research appr The cooperative effort is simultaneously a research and development program, a technology demonstration that provides the public to see high technology at work and an area of potential spinoff: The first two sections, “Countenance of Science Education Research ” and “Cognitive Style,” contain one paper each; the first, a review of research trends and the second, an experimental report. Acute Care Surgery Handbook.

The second article summarized is an examination of the PTSD diagnostic criterion…. There is a significant opportunity for researchers to engage patients and caregivers as partners in CER.

Recommendations are provided to ensure rigorous implementation of this research approach. Research Students’ Graduate Attributes. The quality of honey produced by local beekeepers met HGMR and CAC standards, and the chemical composition and biological properties of honey were dependent on the floral source from which it was produced.


In this essay we develop the concept of ‘ research capital’ to describe the wide range of resources and expertise required to develop fundable research projects.

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Research needs for the wood protection industry were identified and thesiss. This study was conducted in a tertiary care centre located in Chandigarh. This potpourri surveys research on various topics: Investigated is the topic of research implementation and how it can affect evaluation results.

Discusses institutional research IR in higher education, which is designed to generate information that serves planning, policy development, resource allocation, and management or evaluation decisions in all functional areas.

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Atlas of Uncommon Pain Syndromes. Thesis Topics In Nuclear Medicine [ ] To compare the inflammatory mediator profiles, pulmonary function tests and skin and reactivity in obese and non-obese bronchial asthma patients. Anesthesia Management for Electroconvulsive Therapy. Anesthesia Student Survival Guide. Although many supported the idea, only a few were willing to donate.

pgi chandigarh thesis topics

Research for the Classroom: We describe the protocol of the SMART Eating Small, Measurable and Achievable dietary changes by Reducing fat, sugar and salt consumption and Trying different fruits and vegetables health promotion intervention.

Evaluation of the effect of inhaled ciclesonide on the allergic and inflammatory markers in and bronchial asthma. Manual handling of municipal solid waste is of serious concern owing to emerging occupational risks. Introduction Oral health knowledge is considered to be an essential prerequisite for health-related practices and better oral health. Couples participated in 1 month of three weekly gender-concordant behavioral intervention groups and were individually administered assessments preintervention and post-intervention.


Atlas of Perioperative 3D Transesophageal Echocardiography. A survey in the United States revealed that an alarmingly large percentage of university psychologists admitted having used questionable research practices that can contaminate the research literature with false positive and biased findings.

Atomic oxygen AO effects on materials have long been a critical concern in designing spacecraft to withstand exposure to the Low Earth Orbit LEO environment.

Research Topic Images should have a width of – height can vary. Acceptability and satisfaction with the intervention were high. These issues could benefit from further discussion in the qualitative health research literature. Thesis Topics For Dnb Radiodiagnosis [ ] Three focus group discussions with pregnant women from different socioeconomic groups and 2 with female health workers were conducted to explore their perceptions and beliefs about maternal anemia and iron folic acid IFA tablets in urban settings in The research notes need ideas for research.

The research problems should associate with work and how things might be improved.

A cross sectional study was done to estimate the prevalence of dysmenorrhoea in two schools of ChandigarhIndia. Stool samples from cases of acute gastroenteritis from the same region and time were collected and processed for V. At present, nutrition programs in India mainly emphasize improving maternal and child nutrition.

pgi chandigarh thesis topics