That’s true about demo jail server. You must edit it to customize your execution server. After looking over you demo and pages I am wondering if you see it as possible to run labs training Linux level skills at the OS level? OR alternative option How can I organize multiple VPL activities into some kind of group so that the course page has less entries? I believe you are correct. I noticed that VPL 3. I’d like to make it easier for instructors to check the solutions for an exercise where students had to draw something with Python turtle.

Unfortunately, push notifications on mobile devices are currently not in the scope of this plugin and in the near future, I will not have time to implement this functionality. Because we’re using Ubuntu As long as this task is not executed, no mails can be sent. I have tested VPL jail server on Docker and I found some incompatibilities that make impossible to use it. Moodle was installed, configured and customized.

I want to simulate a lcd screen or a maze. I installed successfully and no problem in jail server.

I’m getting the same error. When the code is running, the server also requires communication with the user’s browser by Websocket technology ws: Nuclear power plant essay. VPL don’t have its own forum.

Hi Ryan, A detailed description mooodle the situation where the problem appears and a screenshot would be appreciated. This is NOT a issue, it is a feature. To avoid this you must get a certificate signed by a trusted CA.


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Teachers can take live classes which include screen sharing, whiteboard and application sharing feature. What is meant by server? I think that is better to use the script to compile the code and after, if all is OK, generate the execution script.

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The only problem will be that you will get an editor with so many files opened that will be difficult to manage. I am a faculty from India.

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How is possible this? Hello Gerrit, sorry, but the current version of VPL do not support passing arguments to the program tested. Please, check the final 2. It seems to work, thanks! I assumed that the “Evaluate” button delegates communication with the jail to Moodle server, am I wrong about this?

The Jail-Server isn’t running any firewall – although I’ve tried activating one to log the incoming and outgoing messages. After googling a while, I think: Q2 When I install on Virtualbox the jail system provided, it seems that no port is open, espcially port The proxy of the documentation is homewoek internal part of the VPL module.

Hi Peter, I will update the default run noodle of scala with your improved version. Thank you so much.


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If you have developed another kind of applet, please, give us more details to understand the problem and help to resolve it. We have received different requests to improve the tests configuration and we are working to moodke new features as you can see in https: VPL is an activity module to manage programming assignments providing the usual characteristics such as uploaddownload and view assignments, data backup and restore, grading, groups, access control based noodle roles, access logs, etc.

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Dear Udara, one question and one supposition: Hi Aivar, The problem you describe is known. Sample business plan short form. Salmo homework pt 2.

Moodle plugins directory: Upload notification

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Upload notification This plugins allows students to receive a notification as soon as new material becomes uploaded.

The load of execution in the jail server can interfere in the execution of Moodle. Complex quizzes with multiple pages having multiple questions were developed. I have students using some fcf files in their code.