Phase 1 is finalized with a presentation in the MBI colloquium first presentation , which describes the context of the thesis, research questions, envisaged method and artifact s , and the findings from the literature. When this part is ranked as not satisfactory, a retake project proposal should be handed in. This can be in the Netherlands as well as abroad see also: Requirement Engineering for Medical Consumer Applications. If not, the presentation needs to be re-attempted. Moreover, key aspects and implications of ethics, privacy and law are covered as well. A framework for Digital Humanities software development and design:

After approval of your project it will be automatically registered in Osiris. Part 1 should be finalized within 3 months since the beginning of the project. Each course is worth 7. For students who start their thesis in or after September , but started their master before September , the research project has two components: This presentation is given during the second phase of the MBI thesis, when preliminary results can be presented that provide answers to the research questions.

The emphasis of the Educational Profile is on practitioner skills and school-based activities. Skip to main content.

Omta,Wiert 3 – In progress.

This preliminary step is executed before the official start of Phase 1. Applied Data Science profile Applied Data Science is a multidisciplinary profile for students who want to better understand and be able to apply Data Science methods, techniques, and processes to solve real-world problems in various application domains. The set up phase that is necessary to arrange your project is excluded from the EC count.


We advise you to fhesis the request form previous to discussing it with your supervisor, or fill it out together, to make sure you obtain all of the information required. A profile is a coherent set of courses totaling 30 EC and can be chosen to expand the thematic range of your Master’s programme.

For an overview, either check the websites of the group members, or KonJoin. Deliver printed copies of the thesis to the supervisors: A grade will be decided mi probably announced afterwards. Honours students following the double master Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Sciences have the same starting dates, hand-in deadlines, and other conditions as Theoretical Physics students.

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For all other students the assessment is done in Osiris Docent and the paper forms cannot be accepted anymore. Text mining in financial industry: In the second year of your master you work on a Master’s thesis, under supervision of a staff member of the Mathematical Institute.

An assessment form will be filled in by your supervisor with important points of improvement. Do you have a question or remark about this page? Set date for graduation: The 12 tokens requirement is relaxed in case many colloquia ara cancelled. Doing your thesis outside the Netherlands It is possible for highly-motivated students that aim at high-quality projects to conduct their thesis outside the Netherlands, either at a company or in a university.


Keeping control on the eGovernment highway.

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A research plan is composed in cooperation with the supervisor. A case study within the Dutch Justice System. An exception can be given thexis the MBI programme coordinator Dr. ON Energy Trading Germany. Patterns for Derivation Business Rules. Towards an adaptive focus area maturity model for information security assessments at SMEs. Anderson,Colin Nationale Nederlanden Bank.

mbi uu thesis

The thesis project takes about 8 months: The work for this phase will not be graded but only marked as “Voldaan” pass. Arrange meetings with staff members to discuss possible options, based on their research interests look at their webpages, their google scholar profile, the KonJoin systemor ask mi graduation coordinator.

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Towards an aligned organization on Information Security – Closing the gap between the actual level of information security and business information security requirements. A method for identifying the root causes of data interoperability problems within aviation information systems. The supervisor then selects a second supervisor within the university. Knemeijer,Danny 3 – In progress. It is possible for highly-motivated students that aim at high-quality projects to conduct their thesis outside the Netherlands, either at a company or in a university.