The Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object. Yet no amount of chemical analysis could help you understand what these words mean, let alone what they mean in the context of the other words on the page. The author admits in the opening paragraph of the acknowledgements pg. Or perhaps, these insights can even be used to experimentally manipulate our dreams as they unfold. The neural correlates of consciousness in sleep: Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window. In this series of blogposts, I will address a number of questions that I take to be particularly pressing for an empirically informed and hopefully also empirically informative philosophical theory of dreaming.

Why not to be skeptical about dream reports. Science Logic and Mathematics. History, Culture, and the Humanities pp. International Journal of Psychophysiology , 74 1 , 14— Neural decoding of visual imagery during sleep.

What is an Altered State of Consciousness?

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Chemically Mennifer States of Consciousness. Also, while early dream researchers tended to identify dreaming and REM sleep, most contemporary researchers allow that dreams can occur in all stages of sleep.

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The self in dreams. Or perhaps, these insights can even be used to experimentally manipulate our dreams as they unfold. In MarchI moved to Melbourne, where Djssertation hold a continuing position as lecturer in philosophy at Monash University. International Journal of Psychophysiology74 114— A related point is how you define dreaming; as you point winvt, part of the controversy about the relationship between dreaming and REM sleep might be that different research groups use different definitions of dreaming, and so will score different types of experiences as dreams.


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Cultural and Theoretical Perspectives, — And finally, the contrast between dreaming and nondreaming within the same sleep stage may extend existing work on the neural correlates of consciousness NoreikaSiclari So I think this is one pragmatic reason for working towards an inclusive definition of dreaming.

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Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences9, What happens to the experiential subject during the dream dissertatiln Given those differences in backgrounds, the discourse of some issues might seem to some perfunctory-to-superficial, while to others overly detailed.

Induction of self-awareness in dreams through frontal low current stimulation of gamma activity.

jennifer windt dissertation

Others suggested that studying dreams in the laboratory may be the only way to talk sense about dreams: Neural decoding of visual imagery during sleep. So it is with dream analysis.


History of Western Philosophy.

jennifer windt dissertation

Behavioral and Brain Sciences23 6— Ethnic Routes to Altered Consciousness. In Consciousness and Cognition 22, pp. There is no indication of neural representations changing continuously over a period of many seconds, as occurs during the REM state.

Mind and Language24 1— Early-night serial awakenings as a new paradigm for studies on NREM dreaming. It would be interesting to see.

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The Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object. Submitted in April By way of analogy, if you wanted to understand the text on [a printed] page, you could analyze the words by submitting their contents to an inorganic chemist, who could ascertain the precise molecular composition of the ink.

The Boundaries of Consciousness: Cognitive and emotional processes during dreaming: Philosophical Review85 2— In Achim Stephan Ed.

These shifts nicely match the phenomenological characteristics of dreaming—dreams, for instance, are intensely visual and emotional and often include motor imagery, as would be predicted from the wibdt activation of the temporo-occipital, motor, and limbic areas in REM sleep Desseilles