Indeed, it is common for Bangkok residents to travel by their own cars, especially as owning an automobile is considered to be a prestigious status symbol among the Thai Society. Hong Guan and Dr. As the borehole is drilled, the wall of the cylindrical cavity moves inward and the total horizontal stress decreases to about zero. Importantly, the proposed longitudinal-transverse method of Finno and Clough involves a plane strain analysis of the longitudinal tunnel, to basically model an infinite slot cut in the soil at some depth below the ground. The settlement will be eliminated.

Seven twin, side-by-side tunnelling sections are selected as case studies. Negative 0, -H vertical image source r2 Step 3. For soft clay layer, the OCR ranged from 1. By using EPB shield method, a tunnel can be excavated by the cutting wheel located in front of the cutter-head. Firstly, the assumption of adding bulk modulus of water, as used by the HSM in Plaxis see Appendix A for detail , to convert the drained to the undrained modulus may not be appropriate. This slurry is transported to the surface through pipes and discharged into separation tanks. They are also discussed in the following subsections.

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Results obtained from these solutions are dissertqtion in the subsequent chapters. A series of parametric studies is undertaken to gain a better understanding of the effects of the input parameters. This stage includes the process of cutting the soil at the face of the shield strzin advancing the shield towards the soil at the tunnel face.

Verruijt and Booker, ; Loganathan and Poulos, ; Bobet are examined in this study. The value of zero, however, reveals perfectly elastic behaviour.

At this stage, the pressuremeter membrane has no restraining pressure from the surrounding soil and tends to creep. The review of the empirical methods revealed that trough width parameter i in Bangkok MRT projects fell within the range, as presented in Mair and Taylor As seen in the figure, the difference between the drained angle of internal friction in compression and extension is more obvious in the case of the anisotropic Ko consolidated samples.


The strength values are tabulated and presented as graphs. Hence, the South contractor avoided the extra length of temporary tunnel, which was approximately equal to the length of the underground station box.

The discrete spectrum of the eigenmodes is shown to possess infinitely much degeneracy, each appearing at a certain Maximum Surface Settlement 7.

When the shear modulus G changes with the mean effective stress p’the values of the shear modulus vary with the applied pressure as the process of pressuremeter testing proceeds further in the finite element model.

Firstly, the assumption of adding bulk modulus of water, as used by the HSM in Plaxis see Appendix A for detailto convert the drained to the undrained modulus may not be appropriate.

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The analyses modelled the geometry of the twin Jubilee Line Extension Project tunnels; the field data were compared with the analytical results. The sand is silty and poorly graded with silt, being yellowish brown to brownish gray straiin colour.

Determine the loading constrained modulus, Eoed at various levels of effective vertical stress from the consolidation tests.

Isotropic hardening double surface plasticity models 5.

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Constants A and B can be derived, based on the boundary conditions as shown in Figure 2. Firstly, the MRT works, including station excavations and the EPB shield tunnelling, were reviewed; vital construction techniques and design philosophies were discussed. If sufficiently high face pressure, grout pressure, percentage grout filling are combined with fast penetration rate, the resulting surface settlement can be limited to an order of krt to 15 mm.


This section presents a review of the literature related to tunnelling research in Bangkok subsoils. These average values are also summarised in Table 4. A summary of the step involved in calculations A to D is given in the following: Hence, calculate E50 for all the values of Ei using Eq.

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After this level of stress, the VCL is diverted out, giving a bilinear relationship. In most cases, the results from the elastic model are unrealistic and, therefore, should not be adopted in practice.

A Summary of each model is given in Chapter 2.

Stiffness HSS Analysis 7. The general consensus is that the MRT projects in Bangkok have encountered similar soil conditions, thus the Bangkok subsoils appear to be fairly uniform. The overall appearance and many of the systems from one type are used directly on the other with limited or no change to design.

Balasubramaniam see Chaudhry, ; Ahmed, ; Hassan, ; Kim, ; Gurung, are re-analysed. The field vane shear tests were conducted at 1. The elastic- perfectly plastic model seems to be sufficient for some areas of geotechnical problems, especially when being used by experienced engineers. Based on the available data, different research methodologies were used to study the behaviour of the Rmt subsoil during shield tunnelling works, including empirical, analytical and numerical methods.