Mobile a Boon or Bane Mobile phone: Yes, no doubt about it. The teacher assumed it was plagiarized, and gave full marks to a person who had simply written out the Wikipedia page for it. Advantages and disadvantages of CCE pattern of study. Daily Current Affairs Exercise Sampriti

Last but not the Least, Grading System has helped the Average Students a lot, Especially like me who used to cry in every last week of march when the results came, now there is no Intellegent student and no Bogus students! If these projects are given, many students do even copy the projects of other friends. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. E is truly helping me to improve myself without any exam terror. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy.

How About Make It Original? Essentially, they’re being turned into a copy-pasting, project-churning, and marks gaining machines, from sane human beings.

cce pattern boon or bane essay

My aim to say this is that Grading System has surely Influented the System of education, It has made it much more smarter. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is a process has introduced CCE for grades whether they want to follow the annual or CCE pattern.

You can just see how the students there are. Animals deserve rights, and these rights. CCE could have been a boon provided our teachers were masters in the art of teaching. So, why am I telling you this?


cce pattern boon or bane essay

There are many disadvantages of Cce Bzne Grading. It help to build teacher – student coordination. I have seen people with a 10 CGPA fail 11th standard, and the reason? Our behaviour may loose our marks.

CCE: Boon or bane for students

The CCE pattern allows different schools and in turn teachers the freedom to conduct the tests in their own way. Now, why can’t we apply the same principle to education?

cce pattern boon or bane essay

An A for Effort Is it boon or bane? However, a lot of schools do not have the infrastructure and facility for the same Even though CCE is a radical concept in the reformation of education system in India, but the disadvantages need to be addressed in a right manner so as to bring about a real, genuine and positive transformation to the education patterns with reduced stress over students.

Do you believe that activity based learning can help Indian student? Every other person gets 10 CGPA and done!

Cce Boon or Bane

The evaluation may be biased or the valuation may be too lenient to be of any value. The new grading system overlooks the real potential of a student. For example, a student may feel more pressure to get a higher grade because the grade margin is substantially larger than you would expect.


cce pattern boon or bane essay

What did they expect from Patterb NO Internet required every time. Answered Sep 4, Or even “What’s wrong with plagiarism? The whole grading system for class IX and X is acting like a carcinogenic element. Have you ever googled yourself? Patyern are its positive sides? But grading system aims to reduce the competition on the pretext of reducing the stress of students.

The scope of this question is very wide. While some students are contended with the continuous system of evaluation, it is a liability for certain students on the other hand. In today’s competitive world, marks are all that one needs to finish ‘the race’ and this requires good preparation, which the CCE books do not provide.

cbse exam | CCE Pattern

To be honest, it is too soon to predict anything. In comprehensive terms CCE pattern is a good decision and introduction in the Indian school pattern, since it helps to promote ore of practical sense of education and not merely theoretical education. That should be changed to make learning more effective.