There are no make-ups or extensions for quizzes or homework even for excused absence. Academic integrity will be enforced in all aspects of the course. Sample 1 midterm 1. Below are sample midterms and final exams that may be useful practice in preparation for course exams. In order to properly preprare for the exams it is recommended that you attempt to complete the assignments without a calculator given that you will not have a calculator during the exams. Lowest will be dropped.

You are responsible for the content of the lectures and discussions. The course will follow the book “Calculus: I will assume that you have reviewed this material in advance. Make-up for the midterm is only for documented serious reasons at my sole discretion , and only if you notify me by email before the exam. Webwork Your letter grade equivalent will be computed according to the scale:

Lowest will be dropped.

Skip to main content. Sample 1 midterm 1. These are in no way meant to be a comprehensive review of course material and should NOT be used as the sole study mechanism.

Calculus : Mathematics 2A / 2B Resources

You can find most of the resources of this class in the resources page. Below are sample midterms and final exams that may be useful practice in preparation for course exams.


Presentation of the class Handouts: The syllabus page shows a table-oriented view of the course schedule, and the basics of course grading. Any student violating the policy is subject to penalties which may include receiving a zero on the work involved or receiving a grade of F in the course, as well as risk of suspension or probation.

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uci math 2b homework

Final exam information Book and covered material: New in Fall Students will have one week to complete each assignment and can retry problems as many times gomework necessary until they are correct. Find the class page here.

Sample 1 midterm 1 solutions. Please consult your instructor’s syllabus and course webpage for more complete details about your particular section.

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If your photo on your student ID is smudged or unrecognizable, bring another photo ID. The quizzes are a benchmark to measure how well have you learned the material.

uci math 2b homework

Below are short review guides to help direct your studying for the common final exam in Math 2A and Math 2B. Mon-Thu, 9am – 5pm; Fri 9am – 3pm. Key Practice final 1. There are no extra credit assignments. All three options come with an access code for a complete online textbook, including interactive applets, plus an online student solution manual.


Your individual instructor may assign different problems.

Solutions Integration by parts. Sample 2 midterm 2. In addition to Webwork, it is highly recommended that you also complete the following matth, ungraded problems. Below are suggested sample syllabi for the Math 2A and 2B courses. You are expected to attend classes and discussions. Early Transcendentals or Single-Variable Calculus: Sample 1 midterm 2.

I will assume that you have reviewed this material in advance.


You should begin by reading the material on the main WWK webpage, in particular you should read the instructions on entering answers into Webwork herefinally, you should read as well the frequently asked questions.

Early transcendentals, 8th edition” by Stewart. A grade of D- or better in Math 2A Caution: This term we will homrwork using Piazza for online class discussion.