Individuals unable to pass the written examination s may be permitted to retake the exam when sufficient time has passed to allow students to address inadequacies emerging from the first examination. At least one of the members is encouraged to be from another IDP campus. An admission committee will consider all qualifications, including professional and personal qualifications, in making admission decisions. The responsibility for the ethical conduct of student research is jointly held by the instructor and the student, each being fully responsible for the research. All students are required to maintain continuous registration until completion of all requirements for graduation unless a specific leave of absence is granted in writing by the department.

Graduate students interested in becoming teaching assistants in the First-Year Seminar Program should contact the Co-Directors of the University Core Curriculum Program for information. Academic and Student Services. A graduate student may not register for more than 12 hours in a regular semester without the approval of the appropriate college dean. Students on graduate assistantships must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours per long semester See Graduate Assistantships. Please always check the current format in the Doctoral Handbook or Master’s Handbook. Check out our Word Instruction Manual. The timing and content of the exam will be determined by the program faculty and will focus on the field in which the degree is taken.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

College of Science and Engineering. A limited number of fellowships are available, and faculty doctiral conducting funded research projects often hire qualified graduate students as Research Assistants.

The Graduate Faculty Representative will not be required to attend or evaluate materials related to the comprehensive examination. If the student holds a graduate assistantship, scholarship, or other form of financial support, the enrollment requirement is typically set by the conditions for that support.

The signature of the student is required on degree plans. If accepted into the program, these students will be required to take up to 15 additional hours besides those already required for the curriculum emphasis in the doctoral program. Tab leaders should be used between the didsertation titles and the page numbers. IP is considered acceptable with respect to the minimum grade requirement. Specialized, elective, and topical coursework 37 sem.


Depending on the emphasis area, elective and specialized coursework selections may be chosen from biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, coastal and marine system science, computer science, environmental science, geographic information science, geology, fisheries and mariculture, mathematics, or other course offerings as stipulated and dissertatioon by the GAC.

A student may not register for more dkssertation a total of 12 hours of course work in the combined summer sessions not counting Maymester without the approval of the college dean.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

Colleges or programs may develop additional procedures or requirements related to re-enrollment following enforced withdrawal. Get In Touch Mailing address: A student who is in good standing may petition for a leave of absence of no more than two full academic terms and the maximum number of Leave of Absence requests is two. Please consult the specific program for additional details or requirements.

Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

Non-degree students must consult with the Marine Biology Program Coordinator to determine those courses in which they may enroll and those courses they may later apply to a Marine Biology degree, should they be admitted into the program.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

All figures and tables must also conform to these margins. A student may not register for more than 6 hours of course work in a single session of summer school without the approval of the dean of the college in which the student is majoring.

Each student must pass a final oral defense examination during the last semester before graduation. A graduate student tamucf receive a degree upon satisfying the requirements of the catalog under which the student enrolled in the program, provided the catalog is no more than seven years old when the degree is conferred and the University still offers programs and required curriculum described in that catalog.


Dissertation & Thesis Formatting Guidelines – Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

A student may petition to graduate under a subsequent catalog under which credit was earned because of a preference to meet newer degree requirements. The graduate advisory committee chairman will report the results of the examination in a form to the CGS signed by all committee members.

Literacy Studies and Curriculum Studies. A graduate student may retake a maximum of two courses during graduate study in the University.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

Academic and Student Services. Please see the appropriate college or program section of the catalog for specific requirements. Advantages of the interdisciplinary degree format for Marine Biology students include a diverse, internationally recognized faculty with high scholarly productivity and extramural funding, as well as two campuses strategically located on the Gulf of Mexico.

See the revalidation process below. Each student must take a written comprehensive exam. Graduate Academic and Degree Requirements. The first page of the body of the narrative text is numbered with Arabic numerals starting with page 1. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their committee at a minimum of once per year to seek continual guidance on their research program.

A graduate-level designation for a level course does not automatically indicate approval for the course to be included in a graduate degree plan. A research proposal must be submitted in written format and be presented in a meeting between the student and the doctoral committee.

Written approval from the major department chairperson, the dean of the college from which the degree is offered, the Graduate Dean, and the Provost are required. If conducting research on Human Subjects, the completion of this training program is required.