Guidelines for Writing Thesis or Dissertation Documents. Newer Post Older Post Home. Type the word Retrieved followed by the date of access and retrieval method for example, from the World Wide Web , followed by a colon. It is highly advisable for students to create an automatic table of contents as part of the learning process. Murphy and Orkow reached somewhat different conclusions by designing a study that was less dependent on subjective judgement than were previous studies. Design by richard Blogger Theme by Richard. Box 63 Mzumbe Morogoro, Tanzania Tel:

The language and thought of the child. Do not write the name of a country for place of publication but instead use cities or towns Periodicals1. Insert candidates full name sixteen spaces after the title The candidates name must be in the centre of the title page in bolded 12 font size. Two or more authors Newcombe, F. Summary, conclusion, and recommendations References Appendices The following are some of the contents that Chapter I of the thesis or dissertation for the Faculty of Law will contain:

List sources alphabetically by authors last names.


guideoines Thesis versus dissertation More often than not, the two terms, thesis or dissertation, are used interchangeably though thesis is usually used for a research work in programmes that go without a coursework while dissertation is applied to a research work that involves a coursework and hence the dissertation becomes a partial fulfilment for the requirements of that programme. Editorial or letter to the editor Russell, J. However, the final year project thesis should generally do not be less than 70 pages Dissertation, unpublished Leverenz, Mxumbe.


Unknown May 5, at 4: The paragraphs should not be indented.

mzumbe university dissertation guidelines

Why a quality assurance system at MU? Letourneau, FCA 42, 46 C.

It will therefore reflect at least major elements dissrtation the following: The alphabetical list of all sources read cited or not in your work is called bibliography. The number and the mzumbf of the table must appear on top of each table while the source of the material in that table, should appear at the bottom of that table. Six or more authors Use only the first authors name and et al.

George Allen and Unwin.

mzumbe university dissertation guidelines

Do not enclose titles of articles in quotation marks. But once they feel there is need to do that, the bolding and capitalisation must be used consistently. Key has argued that the placement of women in print advertisements is subliminally important. Jacob Ethan August 27, at 8: The table of contents presents the specific pages reflecting main headings and sub-headings guidelinees the thesis or dissertations contents.

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Guidelines to Thesis Writing Documents. Employment Standards Act No. I find this article useful. Published on Mar View Download Belenky, Clinchy, Goldberger, and Tarule have suggested that many women rely on observing and listening to others as ways of learning about themselves.


mzumbe university dissertation guidelines

Figures, diagrams, graphs, charts, illustrations, and photographs i Any diagram, graph, or chart including a photograph is usually presented as a figure. Provides basic research proposal?

One author Lightman, A. For a book, list the city of publication and the country or postal abbreviation for the state if the city is unfamiliar12 followed by a colon, and the publishers name, dropping Inc. However, with the exception of guidelines for citing email, Web sites, articles and abstracts from electronic databases, and software, the APA does not offer guidelines for citing some common electronic sources.

List of two or more works by the same author in chronological order. Do not indent the first line of each entry, but indent subsequent lines one-half inch or five spaces.

guidelines for Thesis writing

See also the Admissions Section. Two or more works by the same authors.

End with the URL or other retrieval information and no period. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Ohio State University Columbus. From this experience, observed Belenky et al. Exceptions to this rule include: