Folklore is another vital tradition based on any expressive behaviour. Amongst the Universities founded in the period are the: In other words ‘Zawlbuk’ or the Bachelor’s dormitory was an institution where the young Mizo males not only picked up skills in self-defence but developed a positive attitude to life based on hope-spun values as well. Only the bachelors of the village can be admitted to the Sier after reaching the age of the puberty. Carpet making is practiced by the Monpas known for exotic designs. Service 12 7 Semi Govt. The people in most of the villages were compelled to obey the commands of the brave warriors who guarded the village from the enemies.

Except for one no other school provides job-oriented vocational education to the students. By P A Azeez. Managers of private schools who remitted fees in whole or in part were penalized by reduced grants-in-aid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These constitute a rich cultural heritage.

sutdy They use different types of musical instruments like drums, duitaras and instruments similar to guitars, flutes, pipes and cymbals. The morung was an important educational institution for the boys. At present the enrolment of student being very high which indicates the extent of increase in consciousness among the Phom tribe with regard to the importance and value of education?

There existed an interesting gulf, between the education system in the hills and that in the Meitei inhabitant valley. The main attraction is the sound of drums nagaras being beaten. It has three fold cultural functions: This is so because of water problem.

As a result of decades of lobbying by the likes of William Wilberforceand Charles Grantthe renewal of East India Company’s charter carried a duty to educate, and assist previously excluded Christian missionaries to educate the population, in addition to the Company’s corporate activities. Productive success depends on working style, working system and work culture. While some science related subjects were not allowed in the government curriculum in the s the private institutions could also not follow science courses due to lack of funds required to establish laboratories etc.


History of education in the Indian subcontinent

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. However, the British policies in respect of education and land control adversely affected both the village structure and the village institutions of secular education. cojing

make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Phom people are multilingual having jagaland dialects in all which differ from village to village. In there were 14 universities and colleges, with 46, students.

The purpose of primitive education used to guide children for becoming good individuals of their tribe. On one hand when asked each and every individual they expressed that they want development but on the other hand they do not take the governmental schemes seriously at all. Morung used to be a bachelors dormitory.

History of education in the Indian subcontinent – Wikipedia

Byprimary school was established in almost all the villages and later 5 five Middle schools were established at Yachem inShakshi inBora Namsang inNamching in and Yotam in Before s Morung was prevalent in Phom area. Early modern period — Mughal Empire. At the initial stage boys are offered training in hunting. Indigenous knowledge z getting extinct with the adoption of modernity.


Past experience is a lesson for the new generation to shape the future generation in a desired way. As Culture is dynamic and the tribes are faced with changes, due to interaction of the traditional process with that of modern process.

Existing 33 villages, 2 sub-divisions including Longleng district headquarter which consists of Phom area, modern education has entered and the Phom people perceived the need for education to face the competitive world.

In case of Nagaland there are only two seats in Parliament one in Rajya Sabha and another in Lok Sabha since based on population.

make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Governmental funds are received every year but the fund is hardly utilized for the mass benefit. Utensils in the nagalnd room are kept clean and arranged systematically. The public distribution system has been one of the worst affected sectors. For Example, Tuensang Civil Hospital is not equipped with a proper x-Ray machine, ultra sound and scanning machine.

These were generally large sized made of straws and thatches. It is the districts headquarter. Also the names of dormitories varied according to the tribes.

Health and hygienic condition is somewhat good. In the winter water scarcity is tremendous, as water from natural source either decreases to great extent or in some cases fiwld dries up completely.