As discussed below, it would have little impact of any PHI used or disclosed for research prior to the revocation. The image is optionally filtered and then transformed into a monochrome representation with the digits as foreground using some form of thresholding. Although the quality of one article caused problems and had double the usual scanning time, all other articles were produced in close to one minute per page, for an average of Other researchers have listed the costs of this at three [ 11 ] to five times [ 12 ] the original digitization cost. Please tell me if you encounter problems. As this paper has shown, different projects will experience different per-item costs, depending on the age, condition, and font styles of articles to be digitized.

This article reports on those findings. The port has been created by Emanuel Haupt. Teachers should copy from this!!! Many articles specify requirements for buying software and hardware for scanning projects. Resources will be used most effectively when a standard is established to concentrate on material of the highest value, and recognized historically important journal articles meet such a standard.

On NixOSstuy can be installed from the package system. As more libraries carry out digitization initiatives, these averages should be refined. This project was envisioned in two parts: If a digit is significantly smaller than that, it is assumed to be a decimal point. Time for photocopying, scanning, creating files, and proofreading are variable and depend on the number of pages and images to be digitized.

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As noted above, while the entity obtaining the authorization must obtain a written revocation, nothing prevents covered entities from accepting an oral request from individuals to discontinue disclosing their PHI to third parties. The information herein should not be used or relied upon in regard to any particular facts or circumstances without first consulting a lawyer.


Word documents were finally saved as HTML. The articles in this project were quite complex for two reasons. Nevertheless, covered entities may find that the Guidance provides a good opportunity to reexamine current practices both for obtaining authorizations and using or disclosing PHI pursuant to such authorizations.

Estimating costs for a digitization project is then a matter of adding the costs for hardware and software if necessary to the product of the hourly wage paid to workers and the estimate of hours needed as calculated above. You can read read it online as well. Tex Libr J [Internet], Fall;75 3. On Debian Buster 10 and newer, ssocr can be installed from the package system.

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OmniPage, a type of optical character recognition OCR software, was used to scan original documents into jl formats that could later be converted to HTML.

Since then, a usb camera points to the token inside a cookie box and ssocr is used to get the number into the computer.

A high-quality, large monitor will also help in scanning projects. Alternate formats The large amount of time necessary for proofreading also indicates that libraries wishing to digitize articles should consider creating images of the articles instead of using OCR software to create text files.

Cambridge International Examination website has listed us on their recommended subject resource list for Business studies, Economics and Accounting.


A commonly used image file type for text pages is portable document format PDFa stduy file type owned by Adobe. After weighing all costs, libraries may decide that digitization is not desirable. TIFF files are also the largest image files, and so are not appropriate for distribution via the Internet [ 7 ].

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Any library seeking to estimate time for a digitization project using OCR software to create text files can use the average reported here in the following way. Libraries must weigh the possible benefit of digitization against the costs they will likely incur.

jkl case study ocr

To overcome this, versions 2. I learned about this from someone trying to use ssocr from that site and having problems, not from Matt. Stidy is a favorite destination for teenagers to spend time in a fruitful manner. We thank all the teachers and students who have visited us on a regular basis and made us immensely popular in such a short span of time launch J Med Libr Assoc.

General guidelines for scanning.

The Puglia estimate however was for simple black-and-white text. Digital imaging production services xtudy the Harvard College library. In either case, careful proofreading was important to fix errors that occurred during the conversion to a text studdy.

These were easy, straightforward items to be scanned: The GD Graphics Library new site is a comprehensive graphics library. A student was hired for a total of hours, which worked out to be approximately ten twelve-hour weeks.