The table in Appendix 4 shows how the sanctions and penalties might be applied. When the matter was investigated by the centre, however, she admitted she had stolen it from candidate B. Instances of malpractice Instances of malpractice arise for a variety of reasons: The candidate was very obviously turning round and gesturing to a friend who was ignoring her. The candidates had been placed in the same room as those who had approved access arrangements. Candidate A was disqualified from the whole qualification penalty 7.

Some units also have components, in which case a level of penalty between numbers 2 and 4 is possible. The memory stick was confiscated approximately 30 minutes into the examination, and found to contain a large amount of material related to the GCSE History examination. Members of staff quickly realised that the piece submitted was that of another pupil, candidate B. Candidate A admitted that the notes were his but did not know how they had got into the toilet and he denied using them. The Joint Council for Qualifications has written this document for centres. A list of the documents which contain the regulations can be found in Appendix 1. This penalty is applied in conjunction with any of the other penalties above, if the circumstances warrant it.

Exams Office

The centre manager, who was also the internal verifier, had claimed the certificates knowing that evidence was incomplete. Where an allegation of malpractice is made against a head of centre, the responsibilities set out in this document as applying to the head of centre shall be read as applying to such other person nominated to investigate the matter by the relevant awarding body, such as the Chair of Governors.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

The table in Appendix 4 shows how jxq sanctions and penalties might be applied. Sometimes these reports are anonymous. The head of centre is required to make available an appropriate venue for such interviews. The Malpractice Committee will seek to make decisions unanimously but if necessary may decide by a majority.


Making the decision 8. This information will typically be the names and offences of those found guilty of breaching the published regulations.

Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. The centre was asked to investigate 2031 case and the teacher made a statement. It was, therefore, not possible to determine the identity of the candidates. During the Unit 5 examination the candidate was again observed referring to study notes. In all cases the most recent version of the regulations must be referred to. The teacher admitted to doing this. Where requested, awarding bodies will not disclose the identity of individuals reporting cases of suspected malpractice, unless legally obliged to do so.

Regulations and Guidance – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

Some other candidates who were not part of the sample had been given far higher marks than the coursework justified. Other awarding bodies and the regulators will be informed when a suspension is imposed. However, the candidate had signed the NVQ unit declaration of authenticity. Candidate B accepted the offer and a further message from Candidate A contained information relating to the examination.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

At the end of the examination, she announced that the candidates could leave the examination room, leaving their scripts on their desks. Candidate observations had been fabricated.

Exams Office – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

The person against whom the allegation has been made will be given the opportunity to make a statement to the Malpractice Committee in light of the material provided. Other instances of malpractice may be considered by the awarding bodies at their discretion.


Interviews may also be conducted over the telephone. GCE A Level Economics and Religious Studies The candidate was involved in a timetable clash and had to be supervised after the morning examination until the start of the afternoon examination, which was Religious Studies.

The candidate was warned penalty 1. Suspension of certification Loss of the integrity of assessment decisions; danger of invalid claims for certification. The candidate admitted the offence and claimed it was an impulsive action. Examples of candidate malpractice are set out in Appendix 2, Part 2. The centre reported the similarities had come about because candidates had learned set phrases by rote, and the topics were the same as those used for the Speaking unit. Not all the sanctions and penalties are appropriate to every type of qualification or circumstance.

The notes were removed from the candidate. The candidate admitted the offence. The sketchbook had been missing for 4 days.

Exam Malpractice Guide

This is not an exhaustive list and as such does not limit the scope of the definitions set out earlier coursewrok this document. Although the precise content of the question was not released, the forum post indicated the general topic area to be discussed.

In these cases the awarding body may make special arrangements to safeguard the interests of candidates who might otherwise be adversely affected.