Anonymous 2 October at On the 16 th of August, , the small town of Boscastle was almost completely destroyed in the space of just two hours when a 1 in year flash flood occurred at around 3pm and inundated most of the town. Floods devastate village On 16 August , a devastating flood swept through the small Cornish village of Boscastle. They issue warnings, forecasts and implement major incident plans. Not only this, it can lead to a decline in the local economy as businesses are unable to operate without power or road connections.

Both overflowed, and this caused a sudden rush of water to speed down the Valency — which runs through the middle of Boscastle. Physical Impacts Responses to the flooding What happened to cause this event? The river valleys are steep and composed of shale, an impermeable rock. Residents had little time to react. Long term disruptions and a major re-building project needed to take place.

They issue warnings, forecasts and implement major incident plans. The Environment Agency has carried a major project to increase flood defences in Boscastle, with the aim of preventing a similar flood happening again. Flash floods can also be triggered by slightly more catastrophic events. Very large and powerful floods can even ldvel buildings from their foundations and move them.

boscastle floods case study a level

The drainage basin boscasrle Boscastle is steep and impermeable rock. Widening and deepening the river channel – this allowed the river to carry more water.


Flood management bowcastle study: Boscastle, Cornwall In Augustthe village of Boscastle saw a month’s worth of rain fall in two hours. Boscastle is also located on a confluence of three rivers. Weather chart Fig 1. The responses to the flood were both short and long term. Although many floods are triggered directly by precipitation just a few hours after it falls some floods can be triggered by precipitation that fell many months ago.

Boscastle, a small village in Cornwall, South West of England.

Animation of rainfall radar. This encouraged surface runoff.

Boscastle Case Study

Hydrograph and brute facts Keep me logged in. Tree management – dead trees were removed to prevent them being swept away, causing blockages under bridges. Download the adaptable Word resource. This youtube link boscsatle us with a clear image of what the flood was like: It remains over the area for about six hours.

Boscastle is located in southwest England less than a kilometre from the coastline.

During a flood, sewage pipes are often broken and raw sewage leaks into the floodwater. Floods, especially flash floods, will kill people.

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The Boscastle flood of — A case study of cause, effect and response Using the Teachit Geography template, this sorting exercise provides a framework for investigating cause of, effect of and response to the Boscastle flood.


In a MEDC, property damage is often extensive as people have lots of expensive possessions. The recurrence interval can be calculated using the following formula In fact, in a LEDC, floods can lead to positive economic effects in the long term.

boscastle floods case study a level

Land use – The upper part of the village has been developing urbanisation! The location of Bihar in India. The river valleys are steep and composed of shale, an impermeable rock. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

boscastle floods case study a level

The weight of water eroded river banks, damaged gardens and pavements. Removing low bridges and replacing them with wider bridges – this meant large amounts of water could flow freely underneath the bridge and the bridge wouldn’t act like a dam in the flood, vegetation and debris became blocked, creating the effect of a dam. The increase in discharge can be triggered by several events. In doing so, it flooded a large portion of Bihar.

The River Valency flows boscasgle through the town and meets the River Jordan at a confluence in the town.